Balanced Life 12" Bully Sticks 30 Pieces

Balanced Life 12" Bully Sticks 30 Pieces

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Treat your pet with nutritious and all-natural chews with the Balanced Life Beef Bully Stick Treats!

If you’re searching for a better treat to spoil your dog with, these Australian air-dried beef bully sticks are just what you need for an all-natural and nutrient-rich reward to satisfy your dog’s munchies and chewing urges. Made with a single ingredient, the Balanced Life Bully Sticks are air-dried in its raw form using 85% solar power to preserve maximum nutrients without sacrificing the natural flavor of the beef. Air-drying process also helps eliminate pathogens that cause conditions such as salmonella, so it’s safe for your dog to ingest.

Chewy and tasty, these treats help clean teeth and massage the gums to promote better dental health and keep your dog occupied and entertained. Dog toys aren’t the only way to combat boredom!If your dog likes to chew or gets anxiety (e.g., from staying at home alone),

These ethicallysourced bully sticks contain no added hormones and are not genetically modified. The Balanced Life Bully Stick Treats are made with beef from Australian farms and manufactured in Australia

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