Catsan Smart Pack 4L x 2

Catsan Smart Pack 4L x 2

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Catsan smart pack litter is first litter tray system which has an extremely absorbent micro-fleece liner sitting beneath a layer of Catsan hygiene litter. Catsan smart pack litter can absorb active inlay for cat litter trays keeping them drier for longer. A super absorbent micro fleece underneath the Catsan Hygiene Litter retains the liquid, enclosing it safely.

And the application is just so simple and hygienic:
Place the CATSAN® Smart Pack™ into the litter tray as shown above and unfold Tear open the perforation...
...and roll over the long side of the tray. It's now ready for use.
Each CATSAN® Smart Pack™ can be completely disposed of after 10 days (or before if you prefer) or can be refilled with some fresh CATSAN® Hygiene Litter.

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