Double Bucket Toy

Double Bucket High Quality Toy

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Clawz Toyz Double Bucket is two stacked coated paper buckets filled with braided water hyacinth rope, coloured paper, held together with stainless steel wire, with twist-link chain. Other parts include simpor ayer, plastic bead, plastic straws, paper core & nickel bell.

We have an exciting new bird toy range we have designed. We have taken particular care to provide a range with safety being the main focus.  We have d-shape quick links and other rings are welded shut to eliminate the risk of getting their claws caught. 
We never use cotton on any of our bird toys only sisal, to keep it as close what they would find in the wild.  Vets have stated in the past that cotton is extremely bad for birds. So, we don’t want to have cotton on any of our toys.
We hope with all these points in mind, you will feel confident ordering our bright, natural and fun Clawz Toyz range!!!

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