Direct To Pet Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles For Sale In Brisbane

Direct To Pet Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles For Sale In Brisbane

Direct To Pet delivers Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles to Brisbane & all throughout Queensland

When you place an order from Brisbane for a Cat Scratching Post, Tree or Pole through Direct To Pet online you can typically expect that your delivery will arrive to you in Brisbane between 2-7 business day pending courier efficiency and if you live in greater Queensland your order may take up to an additional 1-2 business days to arrive.

When you order a Cat Scratching Post, Trees or Pole through Direct To Pet, you can be satisfied knowing that your order is processed by our team with the highest priority to ensure that your package is dispatched either the same day or the following business day from when you place your order

Things you should know when purchasing a cat scratching post in Brisbane or Queensland...

What Size Is Your House?

Making sure you select the correct sized cat tree for your house is important for both your feline friend as well as yourself. You can find all of our cat tree dimensions in both their product description as well as in the images section of the product listing.

In many of our product listings, Direct To Pet provides images of cat scratching posts within households so you can really understand the scale of your feline friends new palace!

We also recommend that when purchasing a cat scratching post you account for an extra 1-2 feet around the tree so that your cat has space to land when they jump off of the cat tree onto the ground.

A cat scratch post or tree is the perfect piece of furniture to ensure that your feline friend is kept healthy, happy & entertained although it's critical to make sure that the cat tree you purchase from Direct To Pet will be able to fit in your house both in height and width. Direct To Pet's cat trees range in size from 49cm all the way to our floor to ceiling cat trees that are 260cm tall.

What's Your Ideal Style & Colour?

Direct To Pet makes it convenient, easy & simple to match your home decor with your feline friend's new home Our expansive range of cat posts, trees & poles allows you to not only pick something that is comfortable for your cat but stylish for your home.

Our wide range of cat trees includes many colours including red, blue, pink, green, beige, grey, brown & black.

As well as colours, we stock a range of different styled cat trees including fabric covered, floor to ceiling, dark wood, light wood, smaller cat trees, multiple perch or multiple bed cat trees.

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