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Giving your fish a healthy & optimum living environment is not as complex as it may seem and with a clean fish tank brings happy fish and an even happier fish owner! It is important to understand that fish tank filters and pumps are a necessary part of an aquarium or fish tank system as they help to remove contamination, waste and other harmful substances as well as ensure that water does not become stagnant.

Even though it's crucial to utilize a fish tank filter & pump it's also important to understand the key difference between using one and not. As your fish lives out their daily life, consuming food and nutrients they excrete waste and other potentially harmful bacterias and substances and a fidh tank filter helps to remove these products so that your fish does not become ill. The other benefit of a fish tank filter is that they work to keep the water clear and at an appropriate pH level for your fish to live in. Coldwater, tropical and marine aquariums all require the use of a fish tank filter and pump.

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Why Do I Need An Aquarium Or Fish Tank Filter Filter?

As mentioned above, in your fish tank there is a constant excretion of waste & harmful chemicals by your fish as well as other by-products that accumulate in the tank such as organic material and fish food leftovers that over time can be extremely harmful to your fish's environment and if not treated correctly or in time can have the potential to be fatal for your fish.

If you begin to notice that the water in your aquarium or fish tank is starting to become cloudy then it is a good sign you urgently need to look into a fish tank or aqurium filter.

Direct To pet stocks a wide range of compact, quiet & space saving fish tank filters and pumps that will help to keep your fish safe, happy & healthy. 

Provide Your Fish With A Safe & Healthy Environment So They Can Thrive.

Everyone wants to feel happy and healthy no matter where they are and while your fish may live in a completely different environment to us there's no exception why your fish shouldn't feel the same. Direct To Pet's range of small, large, compact & quite fish tank & aquarium pumps & filters give you the peace of mind you need to know that they will be healthy 24/7.

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Direct To Pet caters for your fish's every need, we stock a range of canister filters, fish tank pumps, & small fish tank filters that will keep your fish safe and secure. You will be able to find the perfect pump or filter for your beloved fish. Shop Today and enjoy peace of mind with Afterpay, Zip Pay and Lay buy.