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Direct To Pet stocks a wide range of cages and hutches for guinea pigs as well as guinea pig houses in a range of shapes, colours & sizes which includes our range of indoor guinea pig cages to provide your guinea pigs with the perfect environment that they need to be happy & healthy. Direct To Pet's high quality range of guinea pig cages & hutches are designed to a high standard to ensure that your guinea pig cage is both easy to clean and take care of as well making it easy for yourself and small children to interact with their new guinea pig pets!

Direct To Pet's range of guinea pig hutches are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use and come with simple to follow assembly instructions.

Direct To Pet accepts payment  four our guinea pig hutches, cages, huts & houses via Afterpay, ZipPay and LayBuy so that your guinea pigs can enjoy their new home now and you pay later. Direct To Pet makes it simple to shop for guinea pig hutches from the comfort of your own home, or while you're at work or on the go so that you can take control of your time and selection of products from our wide range of small, large & indoor guinea pig hutches. By using Afterpay, Zip Pay or Laybuy you can also take control of how you pay, by purchasing multiple products at once and paying off the entire bill over a series of interest-free payments. Order now for your guinea pig's next guinea pig hutch or home and pay later with Afterpay, Zip Pay and Laybuy today!

Direct To Pet's selection of indoor and outdoor guinea pig hutches and cages are also not limited by their design, size or height. Depending on the space required for your guinea pigs you may require a smaller guinea pig hutch, a larger guinea pig hutch with multiple levels or a guinea pig pen with a bottomless floor so that they guinea pigs can enjoy playing in the grass and roam freely while staying safe and secure.

By choosing a guinea pig hutch or pen from Direct To Pet your are also not limited to the styles and colours available to you. We stock a range of metal and timber guinea pig cages that also come in a range of colours from blue to red.

Surprise Your Guinea Pigs With A Safe, Secure & Durable Guinea Pig Cage

Making the choice to get you and your family a pet guinea pig is a great and extremely exciting decision. Although, before doing so it's highly important to make sure that you plan out and decide where on your property or inside your house you will be keeping your guinea pigs, taking into consideration their health, safety and comfort. Direct To Pet makes deciding on the right type of guinea pig hutch for your situation easy and affordable to make sure that your new fur babies are kept happy, healthy & safe.

When making the decision on whether to place your guinea pig house indoors or outdoors you will need to consider many factors including the climate of where you live, the size of the space the cage will be placed in as well as other environmental factors such as foxes and snakes which may be common in less-populated suburbs.

When buying an enclosure for guinea pigs, it is important to consider how many guinea pigs you want and whether they will be outside or inside. A good outdoor guinea pig hutch should have an area where they can go to be sheltered from view as well as an area to be out in the open. Guinea pigs love to eat grass, so a hutch with an open bottom will have them eat the grass. However, be aware that the guinea pigs will leave a brown dirt patch where the hutch has been.

One of the great things with guinea pigs as pets is that they are very low maintenance and it is easy to keep their area clean. They leave small droppings on the ground in the hutch that are easy to remove and can even be done by a child. Line their sleeping area with shredded paper or wood shavings to give the guinea pigs a comfortable space to relax.

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Direct To Pet caters for your guinea pig's every need, we stock a wide selection of small, large, multi-level, open bottom, comfortable, wooden & metallic guinea pig hutches, cages, huts & houses to ensure the highest safety and comfort for your new pets regardless if their new house will be placed indoors or outdoors. Our guinea pig cages, hutches & houses are shipped directly from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Australia. Direct To Pet ships to all corners of Australia including Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra and more. Small, large, multi-level, indoor or outdoor, you will be able to find the perfect guinea pig hutch for your beloved new pets. Order Today and enjoy peace of mind with Afterpay, ZipPay and Laybuy.