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Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of your feline friend is always of utmost importance and an outdoor cat enclosure may be just the thing that you need to satisfy your cat’s needs. The benefits of a cat enclosure are much greater than simply providing your cat with an outdoor space that gives them space to enjoy fresh air, it also keeps your cat safe from any threats as well as protecting native animals that may exist around your house.

Why Should I Purchase A Cat Enclosure?

While we have mentioned some of the benefits of a cat enclosure it’s important to understand every aspect that goes into making an outdoor cat enclosure an ideal space for your feline friend which will help you determine which enclosure is best suited. Below are the key reasons why you need an outdoor cat enclosure or run:

  • Safety - A secure cat enclosure will give you peace of mind that your cat is able to enjoy the outdoors without being able to escape your property which could be extremely dangerous if you live in a residential area. Just as important, your cat will also be protected from other cats in the neighbourhood that may be potentially hostile.

  • Cats Naturally Like To Hunt Birds, Lizards, Mouse & Snakes - Depending on where you live, your property may be within close proximity to natural habitats of endangered species which if not secured in a cat enclosure, your cat may seriously harm these populations. A Direct To Pet cat enclosure will help your cat to enjoy their environment without harming it.

  • Your Landlord - While some Australian states have made it harder for landlords to deny you having pets at your house, many landlords will still not accept tenants due to the potential damage a cat can cause within a house. Safely keeping your cat inside a cat enclosure will help show your landlord that you are a caring and responsible tenant which will greatly help you prove that your cat will not cause harm.

  • Going on Holiday or a Business Trip? - From time to time you may need to leave the house for an extended period of time and leaving your cat inside may be disastrous for their well-being and your furniture. An outdoor cat enclosure will allow friends or family to stop by and keep an eye on your cat/s without any need to enter your house and will also save you a lot of money when compared to taking your cat to the cattery.

  • It’s also important to understand that just like us humans cats need at least some exposure to sunlight for good health and what better way than to snooze outdoors in their cat enclosure.

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    Is It Safe For Your Cat To Live Outside In Their Enclosure?

    Deciding whether your cat lives outside in their cat enclosure comes down to personal preference. While our cat enclosures are designed for full-time outdoor use, you may want to alternate how your cat’s time is spent in and out of their enclosure which may be dependent on many factors including outdoor weather conditions, whether or not you are home, events that may scare your cat such as nearby fireworks, whether the size of your backyard allows you to have a cat enclosure large enough for your cat to have enough room to comfortably live outdoors full time etc.

    If your cat likes to run, jump and play then you will need to consider whether your backyard can accommodate a larger and more spacious cat enclosure so that your cat can spend most of their time outdoors. 

    The benefit of an outdoor cat enclosure from Direct To Pet is that your cat will have access to two separate areas within their outdoor cat enclosure. These being an outdoor run area for them to play and enjoy themselves in during the day, as well as a completely sheltered area in which they can use as shelter for some sleep or quiet time.

    The key difference with a cat enclosure is that your cat can still enjoy all of the marvels of the outdoors except they benefit from the fencing that keeps other pets and dangerous animals out and your cat in as well as protecting them from direct sunlight or rain.

    What Items Should You Put Inside Your Cat Enclosure?

    Deciding what items to put inside your cat’s enclosure is entirely up to you, although it’s important to also get the opinion of your furry friend that will be spending the majority of their day in the cat enclosure as to what they want! If you currently have your cat inside the house, take note of what items they spend the most time with, this may be a bed, blanket, toys, cat scratching post or other accessories. Putting all of these items in your cat’s new outdoor enclosure will make them feel at home. It’s worth putting a wide range of accessories in your cat’s enclosure so that everything they need to do can be done. The below items each have a unique purpose inside of your cat’s enclosure:

    Cat Bed - Will give your cat a dedicated spot where they can enjoy a nice nap under the warmth of the sun as well as providing a space where they feel safe and secure.

    Cat Scratching Post - Will allow your cat to keep their claws healthy as well as satisfy their natural instincts of scratching. A tall cat tree will also give your cat the ability to look out out over your backyard and inside their cat enclosure.

    Toys - Cat toys as well as a cat tunnel will allow your kitty to keep active within their outdoor run so they can remain happy and healthy especially when they’re in a playful mood.

    Litter Box - Will allow your cat to do their business without making a mess of their personal area, which will save you time and more importantly help to keep their living space healthy & hygienic.

    Food & Water Bowl - Regardless of how long your cat will spend in their enclosure on a day to day basis it’s important to make sure they have sufficient access to food and water.

    Allow Your Feline Friend To Safely Enjoy The Outdoors In A Cat Enclosure

    Everyone deserves to have access to the outdoors to explore all that it has to offer and there’s no exception why your cat shouldn’t either.

    Direct To Pet's range of cat housing, cat enclosures and cat runs will give you the peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe and sound while still getting valuable time outdoors.

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