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For many pet owners, our dogs are our babies and as a pet parent it's always important to be on the lookout for things that may enhance your pup's quality of life. With that being said, are pet pyjamas simply a costume, a luxury accessory or a practical necessity?

While most dogs have a substantially long enough coat of fur to keep them warm, there are certain breeds of short-haired dogs as well as senior dogs, younger pups or dogs with a medical condition of which they struggle to retain body heat or even dogs such as greyhounds who have naturally lower body fat percentages. All of the above examples are an important consideration when deciding if dog pyjamas will be suitable for your pup.

If you are ready to spoil your dog with a new dog pair of dog pyjamas then you're in the right spot. Direct To Pet stocks a wide range of fashionable, colourful & warm dog pyjamas. Our selection of dog pj's are from reputable brands that any type of canine will love.

If you begin to see signs that your dog is cold, shivering or spending increased amounts of time near heat sources such as a fire place in your home or overly climbing over you to get warmth off your body heat then you may want to consider purchasing a few dog pyjamas for the colder months.

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What Type Of Dog Pyjamas Should I Use?

Dog's don't particularly like clothing with zippers as it's simply too easy for skin and fur to get caught, which can cause serious pain and short term irritation. Dog Pyjamas with buttons, snaps and easy-release mechanisms are a much better alternative and your pup will thank you for it.

Despite this, if your pup stays in a metal cage it is suggested to avoid putting dog clothing on them in case their clothing gets caught on the wire which can lead to pain or more serious consequences. Instead, use a fluffy heat retaining blanket for them or a self-warming bed to keep them warm.


What Style Do I Choose For My Dog's Pyjamas?

Direct To Pet stocks a wide range of dog pyjamas & doggy pjs with a variety of textures, colours, patterns & designs so that matching yourself and your dog's style is easy! Since dog accessories like pyjamas are a great way of expressing their personality, choosing which one best suits your pup comes down to your personal preference. Do you want dog pyjamas that are made of cotton, polyester or wool? Maybe you're after a pink pair of dog pyjamas or something more darker like a blue or browm. We make sure you are spoilt with choice so your dog looks stylish but can also remain comfortable!

Give Your Dog A Comfortable & Warm Way To Enjoy Being Themselves

Everyone wants to feel warm & comfortable no matter the circumstances and while your dog may not understand how powerful their dog pyjamas can be, it will give you peace of mind to know that whenever it gets cold they are well equipped to stay warm and comfortable. Direct To Pet's range of cotton, wool & warm dog pyjamas allow you and your dog to enjoy time together and keep them warm!

Our doggie pyjamas & dog clothes are shipped directly from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Australia. Direct To Pet ships to all corners of Australia including Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra and more. Shop Today and enjoy peace of mind with Afterpay, Zip Pay and Lay buy.

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Direct To Pet caters for your dog's every need, we stock a range of warm, comfortable & machine washable dog pyjamas that will make your dog comfortable enjoying what they do best, having fun! Shop Today and enjoy peace of mind with Afterpay, Zip Pay and Lay buy.