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As a dog owner, making sure your dog is healthy, happy & safe at all times is of utmost importance. Even though microchipping your pet is certainly advisable and legally required in Australia, giving your dog an ID name tag is a fast and convenient way for people to contact you should your dog get lost.

Data suggests that 1 in 3 pets will become lost or stolen in their lifetime, so it's important to do whatever it takes to make sure your furbaby is returned safe and sound to you if the worst was to happen. A dog tag helps the person/s who have found your pet to quickly make contact with you to avoid your dog being away from you as much as possible. Aside from this, the quick return of your pet will also save your dog from lots of stress and trauma, as you could imagine being lost in a big world would be extremely scary!

The key difference between having a dog ID tag and not is that name tags for dogs save time and stress from all parties involved and increase the chances that your pup is returned safely sooner rather than later and depending on the situation may also mean your dog will have travelled a lesser distance, thus making their return closer rather than further.

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What Should I Put On My Dog's ID Tag?

There are many things that you can put on your dog's ID tag and while you may want to get creative with the information you include it's important to have the essential information to ensure a safe and fast return, this may include the name of your pet and yourself, your address  and phone number. To be cautious, you may want to include a back up phone number of a close relative or friend in the case that you may be away from home on a holiday or business trip etc.

If possible, it also may be important for you to include information including any medical conditions or needs your dog has (diabetic etc), your vet's phone number and other important information for example if your dog is deaf or if they are shy to help the person who has found your dog best care for them and return them to you in the safest and quickest way possible.

Direct To pet stocks a wide range of circular, rectangular & large dog ID Tags that display all of the information required for the safe return of your dog. 

What To Be Aware Of Before Purchasing A Dog ID Tag?

The benefits of a dog ID Tag far outweigh any constraints they may pose, nevertheless there are still things you need to be mindful of with dog tags. When purchasing a dog tag make sure that it will not be able to get caught on anything, which is why purchasing a well-fitted dog collar is especially important. To avoid this happening, it's important that you can fit two fingers underneath your dog's collar to ensure that it is not too tight so they have room to breathe comfortably.

Also be mindful that dog tags may be noisy, which can be frustrating at times although if the worst were to happen you'll be thankful that your dog has a tag on.

Your pup may also be reluctant to wear their tag, which is why it is suggested to gradually introduce your dog to their ID tag. You can start this by slowly introducing them to their collar by associating the collar with positive experiences such as treats and rewards and once comfortable you can begin to introduce their ID Tag as an attachment to the collar.


Provide Your Canine Friend With An Easy & Convenient Way To Stay Safe.

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure no matter where they are and there's no exception why your dog or puppy shouldn't feel the same. Direct To Pet's range of rectangular, circular, small and large dog ID Tags & Dog Name Tags gives you the peace of mind you need to know that they will be safe no matter the situation.

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Direct To Pet caters for your dog's every need, we stock a range of small, large and colourful dog name tags that will keep your dog safe and secure. You will be able to find the perfect pet tag for your beloved canine. Shop Today and enjoy peace of mind with Afterpay, Zip Pay and Lay buy.