Direct To Pet Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles For Sale In Melbourne

Direct To Pet Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles For Sale In Melbourne

Direct To Pet delivers Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles to Melbourne & all of Victoria

Cat Scratching Post, Trees & Poles ordered for Melbourne typically take between 2-7 business days to arrive pending courier efficiency and for regional Victoria orders may take up to an additional 1-2 business days to arrive.

When you purchase a Cat Scratching Post, Trees or Pole through Direct To Pet's online store, you can be certain that your order is handled with the highest priority as we work to dispatch your order on the same or next business day after we receive your order.

Things to consider when purchasing a Cat Scratching Post in Melbourne...

The size of your house

A cat scratch post is great to keep your cat healthy, happy & entertained although it's important to make sure that the cat tree you purchase from Direct To Pet will be able to fit in your house both in height and width. Direct To Pet's cat trees range in size from 49cm all the way to our floor to ceiling cat trees that are 260cm tall.

The size of our cat trees are oftentimes labelled in the product title as well as in the product description, so taking into account the size of the cat scratching post as well as 1-2 feet around the cat tree is important so that your cat has suitable space to jump up and down from the cat tree to the floor.

Choosing the right Style & Colour

Direct To Pet makes it easy to match your home decor with your new cat scratching post. If you are focussed on keeping your home or particular rooms centred around one style or colour our range of cat trees allows you to not only pick something that is comfortable for your cat but stylish for your home.

Our range of cat trees includes many colours including beige, grey, brown, black, blue, pink, red &green.

As well as colours, we stock a range of different styled cat trees including fabric covered, floor to ceiling, dark wood, light wood, smaller cat trees, multiple perch or multiple bed cat trees.

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