Keep Your Pets Safe This Autumn

There’s nothing better to get you excited for Autumn (if you hate stinking hot weather) than the crisp, cool air of Autumn. Chances are that your pet loves Autumn too as they finally get a break from Summer’s hot, humid, dry and sticky weather.

Despite this, Autumn is also a time of dangers for our fur babies so it’s important to consider the many health and safety risks that present themselves during this time of year. Below are some of the top ways to keep your pet healthy and happy in Autumn. 

Beware of Wildlife

Autumn is when snakes begin preparing to hibernate which increases the odds of a snake bite. If you own a pet, it can be important to know what types of venomous snakes are native to your surroundings and where those snakes are most likely to be found so that you can keep your pets out of these areas. 

Just Because They Have Fur Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Feel The Cold

As Autumn temperatures often dip well below Summer averages it’s important to understand that our pets can also suffer from the cold, especially older pets whose bodies may struggle to regulate body temperature as efficiently as they did many years younger. 

It may be worth considering getting your pet a jacket for walks.

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Make sure to provide shelter for cats that spend time outdoors like designated shelter or a cardboard box (which most cats love!)

Try Not To Skip Your Dog’s Walking Routine

In Autumn there is less daylight compared to Summer and as a result there is often less of a temptation to go for frequent walks with your dog which can either lead to your dog putting on more weight, behavioural problems such as hyperactive behaviour or chewing as a way for your dog to exert excess energy.

Last but not least, make sure to give your furry friend extra cuddles during Autumn!

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