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Transcat Cat Door Clear Ring
Transcat Cat Door Clear Ring

Transcat Cat Door Clear Ring

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Featuring 4-way locking and a magnetic catch, these doors are tough, ideal in glass or wood. In glass, a circular hole is simply cut by a competent glazier and fitted using the nuts and bolts supplied. May also be fitted into timber doors and walls (screws not supplied). Tough, polycarbonate construction and a clear - unobtrusive appearance.

Installation Instructions
Transcat Cat Doors are designed to fit into glass doors and panels from 3-6mm of thickness. Installation into most ranch slider type doors is also pssible where there is a clearance of more than 21mm on the inside of the sliding door. A circular hole, 267mm in diameter, is cut by a Glazier and your Transcat fitted.

Transcat Cat Doors may also be fitted to solid wooden panels and doors. The ring is not required. Installation is very similar for the Cat Door only, i.e. without the electronic unit. Fit the Door with self tapping screws (not supplied) to the face of the panel. The hole size should be 247mm in diameter. The Transcat Especial (electronic) Cat Door requires a 3-6mm thick supporting material such as plywood instead of glass. This is positioned over a suitably sized hole cut in the wooden door.

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